Kyudo Practice
Kyudo is a form of Archery, it literally means the Way of the Japanese Bow. It is a combination of ritual and etiquette with the warrior style, leading to a form of discipline for peace and self-cultivation through practice with bow and arrow. There is as much emphasis on attitude and behaviour as in shooting technique. The Group is led by Malcolm Bagnall who holds Renshi, 6th Dan Grade, issued by the All Nippon Kyudo Federation There is weekly practice in Bury in addition to other events and seminars throughout UK and Europe as well as Japan.

The practice is open to women and men

Seminars and Grading
Being a traditional Japanese Art form the practice is graded enabling one to mark progress. Grading ceremonies take place annually at venues described above.

Manchester Venue
The Manchester Group uses the sport facilities at Castlebrook High School in Bury. We meet each Saturday morning for the regular practice. From 9 am until 12 noon. Other visits and activities take place at various times and locations as announced.

Further Information and details about Kyudo
For a comprehensive explanation of the practice, equipment and history of Kyudo please visit the United Kingdom Kyudo Association Website

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